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Japanese Language Online classes from NIHONGOMAX

It is not a secret that in today’s world, online classes have become the world’s new normal. All the companies, Universities, schools are following the same trend. This trend of keeping safe and at the same time keeping up with your learning process has become a quintessential part of our lives. NIHONGOMAX, the best Japanese language institute in NCR, has also risen to the occasion. NIHONGOMAX offers a variety of courses ranging from Basic to Advance level. We value the enthusiasm and curiosity of our students and therefore we provide the best Japanese language training at the lowest cost. In today’s scenario where most of the corporate style institutions are running after capital; we are focusing on our students and their family’s safety. By providing uninterrupted and highly efficient classes by our best teachers, we are doing our part of duty towards our society. NIHONGOMAX is the only place where you will find trainers who will understand your needs. Whether you are learning Japanese to find better employment opportunities, to work in Japan or just for fun, we have a course for all your needs. Let us draw your attention to why you should be taking Japanese classes and why you should be choosing us for the same. At NIHONGOMAX, our trainers have 5-7 years of experience with Japanese language and culture, they are highly qualified and have gone through rigorous Teacher training programs. Our trainers will not only impart education viz a viz Japanese language but also will help you in understanding the culture of Japan. We take pride in saying that we have generated the highest pass percentage when compared to our contemporaries. Not only this, we hold the record of sending maximum number of students to Japan for studies as well as for employment opportunities. With the current situation prevailing in Japan, there is a demand of withdrawing major companies out of China. India, which is a developing market, is been eyed by the Japanese investors. In the coming years, at least a 100 more of Japanese companies are going to establish their bases in India. We should be ready to grab this opportunity. By learning Japanese languages, you will have an edge on your resume that your peers will lack. These are tough times and so are we. So, let’s keep our heads high and march into the future with an additional language skill in our hand. Nihongomax will provide you language learning services which you can use from the safety of your home. Stay in, learn something new. To Book your seat for Online Japanese classes, Click on Contact Us.

Online Japanese language at NIHONGOMAX

The major benefit for learning Japanese language Online is the fact that it enhances the speed of learning the language with on the spot Kanji Explanations of the particular level be it JLPT N5, JLPT N4, JLPT N3, JLPT N2 or JLPT N1. There is a 150% increase in students learning Japanese language online over the past years and the rate is continuously increasing. Today not only in India but all over the world, there is a new trend of learning foreign languages online since the outbreak of the pandemic. The reason why Japanese language classes are perfect instance as learning online is the graphical representations of Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji are required anyway in the real classes. So it is better to have them on screen with the audio explanation along with the Japanese listening tracks (Chokai) and unseen Japanese comprehension passages (Dokkai).

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Online Japanese language classes over internet

They save your travel cost and time moreover one-to-one explanations are possible right after or before online Japanese session. The Japanese language teachers at Nihongomax are also well equipped in case a Japanese language student is not aware about the study ways or there is a requirement of explanation in any Japanese language study material be it Chokai (Japanese Listening) or Dokkai (Japanese comprehension passage). The other benefits of learning Japanese language online from Nihongomax is that a student does not need pay the whole amount of fees in one go. He/she can divide the fees in parts since there can be cases when it is difficult to pay fees in one go.

Online Japanese language course Fees

Not only your travel cost and time is saved, a large your fees is also saved since at Nihongomax, the Japanese language online course Fees is very low compared to other institutes. You can compare the fees of all the Japanese language JLPT levels be it JLPT N5, JLPT N4, JLPT N3, JLPT N2 or JLPT N1. Also there is a further discount in the Fees of major beginners Japanese language online courses at Nihongomax. Not only this, a student can take a FREE Online Japanese language Trial class to understand the style and power of learning Japanese from Nihongomax. They can understand that not only Japanese language, not only the ways to study Japanese language are taught in a fairly explanatory way, but there is an online study platform called available for students who want to learn Japanese language with Hindi explanations given in the minimum Fees available today in the market.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Online Japanese language FREE trial class

As it is already mentioned that a student can take a FREE Online Japanese language Trial class to understand the basic flow of learning Japanese course content over online style along with the fine details of learning Japanese from Nihongomax, It is very much clear that nothing is lost if a FREE online Japanese language trial is not understood by a student, he/she can call on 7678461209 to get further counseling and get the unsolved questions solved. Also the counseling about how to study Japanese language fast and in an effective manner is taught by the trainers at Nihongomax.

Why Online Japanese language from Nihongomax?

The major difference between Nihongomax and other Japanese language institutes is that a here a student can get as many doubts solved about the career in Japanese language and about the solution of major hurdles while learning Japanese from any book or any institute. We even counsel about taking Jobs in Japan or in general Jobs in Japanese language. Not only this, Nihongomax provides the latest information about the new trends of Work in Japan and Jobs in India using Japanese language. The Japanese cultural information also is an integral part of every Japanese language online class at Nihongomax which is really essential part of wisdom for clearing a Japanese language interview to take a Job in Japan or Job in Japanese language.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Online Japanese course

There are many online and offline courses provided by various Japanese language institutes in Delhi but the Japanese language courses by Nihongomax are unique in a way since all the courses are JLPT oriented and they give you the right training about Japanese language from the prospective of JLPT exam. Nihongomax guide you about how Japanese language study has to be divided into parts like listening and reading and of course the Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana is taught in such a manner that a Japanese language student is always comfortable in proceeding to the next JLPT level quickly. There is a swift jump in Japanese difficulty level from JLPT N4 to JLPT N3. So it is taken due care that the Japanese course content is increased gradually to cover all he advanced difficulties.

Online Japanese course contents

Apart from the various benefits of studying Japanese Online, there are few advantages regarding the Japanese language course contents study. The flow of study and covering of the Japanese topics become very easy when guided Online over the video screen and the visualization of course proceedings become very easy to understand. All the contents are readily provided to the student from Nihongomax and he/she can quickly jump to the understanding part. Not only this, the audio lectures are also provided for the extra benefits of practicing and revising whatever is covered in the Japanese language online class. All the contents are in PDFs and are provided on mail. The contents are made by combining various books, Like Kanzen Master, Nihongo-So-Matome, Minna no Nihongo, Speed training, Bokutaku, Try series etc.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Basic Online Japanese course

About basic Japanese language learning especially online Japanese is very easy and can be fun also. Since in the beginning it is very important to imbibe not only the basics of Japanese language, but the fundamentals of Japanese Culture and tradition also in a students’ mind, it becomes necessary to have fun with basic Japanese language words. For example there are numerous different food habit cultural specialties of Japanese people. There are a lot of things that exist to be taught to a Japanese language student while learning Japanese language as a beginner. Like what is the use and importance of Hashi while eating Japanese food? How is it important and what is the historical background behind it. Similarly there can be many instances to be taught about Japan in a Japanese language course like Japanese traffic behavior, Japanese corporate culture and Travel in Japan.

Online Japanese Jobs

The main reason to learn Japanese language among all Japanese students is that they want to get hired in a Japanese MNC and work as a Japanese language interpreter or translator and earn a good salary while enjoying other benefits of Job like reputation of working in an MNC, Joy of be employed in Japanese sector working with Japanese and other foreign nationals, conversing in Japanese language and enhancing there spoken Japanese skills to shift to another higher paying Job. So there is another benefit of adding to your employable skills while learning Japanese language online while doing your job and without taking the hassle of going and coming to an institute which is far from their home or work location.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Online Japanese with certificate

There is a foremost concern in Japanese language students while learning Japanese language from an institute by commuting every now and then from their homes, taking time and energy to complete the course and paying a hefty amount to the Japanese language institute or even while studying Japanese language online, whether they will get a certificate of completion from their respective Japanese language institute or not. Nihongomax provides a due Japanese language certificate after the completion of Japanese language course. Also it makes you so good in clearing the certification exams be it JLPT or be it NAT or any other Japanese exam, the student can relax and study whole heartedly without fearing much. Now get certified by studying Online Japanese from Nihongomax.

Japanese Online class course

Japanese Online class course is divided in 5 levels as there are 5 levels of JLPT exam namely, Online JLPT N5 course, Online JLPT N4 course, Online JLPT N3 course, Online JLPT N2 course and Online JLPT N1 course. The first priority of Nihongomax Japanese language institute is to tell the new or existing Japanese language students about the behavior of JLPT exam and how to mould your-self accordingly. All the Japanese online courses from Nihongomax are beautifully designed as per the need of JLPT and as per the level of the student who wish to study for it. The Japanese study material and the teacher are always available to solve the doubts and make the student improve step by step following a simple style and to progress in a manner that a student never wishes to leave the course in between.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Nihongomax Online Japanese institute

Nihongomax institute is famous not only for the Best quality of Japanese language courses but in terms of guidance about Japanese language study and telling everything about the reasons of failing in JLPT very clearly to the students from the very beginning of the course. There are ample videos made by Nihongomax institute and put on YouTube to make all the students and Japanese learning society be aware about some common mistakes made by the beginners that they come to know about after getting unsuccessful in JLPT. So to avoid this silly waste of time and to change the style of learning from the starting it is necessary to take FREE Online Japanese trial class from Nihongomax and understand all the secrets of learning Japanese language and become successful in clearing JLPT in one go.

FREE online Japanese Lesson

As just mentioned above the by the means of taking FREE Online Japanese trial class from Nihongomax you can quickly judge about your level, speed of study required, style of learning Japanese language and hence you can escape the failure route and become successful be it JLPT or finding job in Japanese language as many students from Nihongomax have already done. There is ample knowledge given also about how to get study visa for Japan and How to get jobs in Japan in the other pages of this site. Also there is a nice chance of learning Japanese language now over the internet in a very less cost at where every lesson is explained in Hindi language to make it sharp clear.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

FREE Japanese class online

As we go with FREE trial class we also understand the importance of learning Japanese culture along with the Japanese language fundamentals. Not only in every online class conducted by Nihongomax, there is complete knowledge sharing of Japanese Tradition and culture, the teachers at Nihongomax are very well trained and the give guidance about every fact that is necessary for a student to know. Our students always give good feedback about the nice behavior and deep training components regarding every faculty of Nihongomax. Not only this, on the website, there are complete versions of Japanese language cultural training given after every class of study which is required to understand for every student if he/she wants to be perfect in Japanese language training. Do check it out.

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