About Japanese Language Study

What is JLPT and How to Study?

To know what is JLPT, Click on JLPT. And how to study is a very long answer we have tried to sum up all of it in this website. There are very much variety of information if you ask a Japanese language student. So not to get confused, please keep reading below.

JLPT Study Techniques

Have you heard people saying “Oh no! Japanese is really a tough language”?
We understand by our years of experience that the old way of learning Japanese language is performed by most students and in frustration they may convey you too that it’s really a tough language

About Japanese Language Study

Focus on Practical Knowledge

Let us share you that a foreign language especially Japanese language cannot be mastered by only learning vocabulary and grammar. The key is what we do at Nihongomax is to absorb it by audio, video, repeating the sentences and feeling the language with meaning.

Not only Concepts, but Counseling too

At Nihongomax, learn what mistakes usually students (Even senior students) do. And learn what not to do while studying Japanese Language. Any day any time you can ask us what actually is the good way to conquer this language.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Listening and comprehension Secrets

Japanese Listening and comprehension questions are what a student is most dreadful of. What should be the way, what should be the criteria, what should be the technique is what we teach here while training you with the actual questions, actual difficulty level and actual scenario.

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