Why Study In Japan?

There are many good reasons to study in Japan. Some students are attracted by Japan’s high educational standards, while for others the attraction is Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Nearly 5 million students study abroad annually, with that number projected to continue increasing With more than. 150,000 worldwide students, Japan is a standout amongst the most well known goals for universal students


The OECD positions Japanese high school students number one in the world for maths and number 2 for logical education. Japan has the highest number of Nobel prize winners of any Asian country, and the second highest of any country since 2000.. 49% of Japanese High School graduates enter college. Japan has more than 700 colleges, with 10 positioned in the main 200 around the world..


Studying abroad gives you an unparalleled chance to live, work and explore an alternate culture. You will almost certainly find out about the general population, the way of life, the history and language of one of the world’s most unique cultures. Living abroad will help you to develop as a person, getting to be free and taking responsibilityIt will help you to see things from new perspectives, and appreciate the differences between cultures, while also seeing the deep similarities between people.Learning doesn’t simply occur in the study hall; meeting individuals from various societies and making companions from everywhere throughout the world are additionally imperative pieces of growing up.


Studying one of our international program allows you to learn Japanese all the way through your degree program, while additionally earning a degree in another subject. Many Students with an interest for Japan feel they need to pick between a degree in Japanese and another subject. With Tsukuba’s English projects, you can have the best of the two worlds; learning Japanese while also gaining a degree in another subject. Student who wish to stay in Japan and work after graduation may appreciate a critical favorable position over language majors, who may have comparable Japanese, however who do not have the degreespecific skills.


Japan has been possessed for a large number of years., and has a long and fascinating history loaded up with war and interest. Find peaceful temples and shrines, evil presence historical centers, and the historical backdrop of how Japan was bound together by the sword. Appreciate summer celebrations and all year conventional functions, in friendly provincial towns and dynamic worldwide urban areas. Tsukuba is less than 2 hours from the historical capital, Kamakura, and an hour from the world class museums in the current capital, Tokyo..


Japan is one of the most secure countries in the world. Violent crime is rare, with Japan positioning toward the end in the quantity of casualties of wrongdoing per capita (nationmaster.com). Japan routinely turns up on arrangements of the most secure spots to visit in the world. Japan additionally has one of the world’s most exceptional medicinal services frameworks, reflected in this high future. Individuals from the National Health Insurance conspire pay just 30% of their medicinal services costs, with an excursion to the specialist or dental specialist regularly costing just a couple of hundred yen (couple of dollars).


For those wishing to learn Japanese, or participate in a Japanese military workmanship, the University offers clear advantages. The University has sent more than 60 competitors to the Olympic amusements, and we have various Olympic medalists and title holders on staff. Judo, kendo, kyudo, and karate players have the chance to prepare in one of the world’s premier college clubs, while abnormal state guidance is promptly accessible. Understudies wishing to learn taiko drumming, shamisen, Japanese calligraphy or the tea service are similarly all around cooked for.


Studying abroad is an amazing piece of any resume. Employers value the skills you learn as an international student. Just as the self-awareness you will experience concentrating in Tsukuba, associating with your educators, colleagues, coaches and companions, will help improve your global mindfulness and business openings. Globally mindful workers are in solid interest, and numerous organizations effectively select students with abroad learning knowledge – particularly in the event that they can talk a second language. In the event that you return home after graduation, you can be certain that your involvement in Tsukuba will enable you to speak to fantastic bosses, especially those engaged with worldwide business.

For this wishing to stay in Japan, there is a solid occupation advertise for exceedingly qualified alumni. In an ongoing review, around half of the real Japanese organizations overviewed communicated a longing to contract outsiders moving on from Japanese establishments.


Tuition fees are comparatively cheap in Japan. While an “in state" Student in the US may go through $10,000 per year or more on educational cost, with “out of state" and worldwide expenses being a few times higher, educational cost charges at Japanese state funded colleges are an insignificant 535,800 yen (approx $5,500) a year. Moreover, at Tsukuba the standard extra charges and first semester educational cost expenses have been postponed for undergraduate English program students. Fractional and full educational cost charges waivers are even workable for high accomplishing students from more unfortunate foundations.

Moreover, a wide scope of scholarships are available , both from the college, and from open and private associations. A predetermined number of Tsukuba scholarships are available, paying a month to month living recompense, and a travel allowance (first year as it were). A wide scope of other scholarships are available, with some coordinated towards Specific nationalities, ladies, minorities, or those with abnormal state Japanese capability.

Attention to Japanese Government Scholarship

All application procedures for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships are conducted through Japanese embassies, consulates in your countries, or institutions of higher education in Japan.

If you require any further information regarding Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships, contact Japanese embassies, consulates in your countries, or institutions of higher education which you wish to enroll.

Application fee is not charged. So please be aware that organizations or individuals who charge application fee or deposits have no relation with the Japanese Government.

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