Why Learn Japanese Language?

For past 5 years, we take pride in placing our students to numerous prestigious Japanese MNCs.

Not only this, we also take pride in getting excellent feedback of their Japanese skills.

There are numerous job opportunities in these companies, but often due to the lack of candidates who are proficient in Japanese language, these positions remain vacant. There are many positions open for you if you are well versed with the language. Some of the positions that do not require any other skills other than proficiency in Japanese language are:

  • Interpreter: It involves the conversion of conversation in Japanese to English and vice-versa.
  • Translator: The profile requires the candidate to convert written documents from Japanese to English and vice-versa.
  • Voice coordination: As a voice-coordinator, you can extend language support in teleconferences and BPOs.
  • Trainer:Many Japanese and Indian companies look for trainers who can train the candidates for an on-site opportunity or for dealing with the Japanese clients.
  • IT and Automobile Companies: Many Japanese Companies and Indian Companies prefer candidates with Technical Knowledge along with Japanese Skills as most of their clients are Japanese.
  • Work in Japan: After learning the advanced level of Japanese, the opportunities are open for candidates to work in Japan. Our Institute Provides assistance to candidates who want to study and work in Japan.
  • Outbound Process: There are several BPOs which are dealing with Japanese Clients and they look for candidates who can provide them Language support.
  • Teaching: There are opportunities for those who want to add value by teaching Japanese in Schools, Colleges, Institution and Corporate Offices.
  • Hospitality Industry: Candidates can also look for their career option in several Travel Companies and Hotels and Many more.

Getting placed after clearing JLPT The primary requirement of getting jobs in the above-mentioned profile is sound Japanese skills and a JLPT certification. There are no other eligibility criteria except the command over the language. Our Institute trains you in a way that you develop a good command over the language and can crack the Japanese proficiency test. As the coaching nears end, the institute provides you interview and job training too.

There is no qualification required to learn Japanese language and once you learn it and crack JLPT, you are eligible for a job of interpreter, translator, trainer or a language support personnel and many other profiles and all these profiles attract a handsome pay package.

At what level I can start looking for jobs

Here comes pretty tough news. The demand is rising, so is the competition. Earlier people with basics only were placed easily and instantly. However these days, at least intermediate level is required. That comes after one year of study at Nihongomax and following the end curriculum part.

Good news

Did you read the last line? Yes! We help you learning smarter techniques, interview drills, Japanese business mindsets etc. that helps you cracking the interview and get placed over various profiles like-Translation, Interpretation, Voice co-ordination, Language support, Outbound process- Language support in BPOs

How do I get placed?

The minimum requirement to get a job in a Japanese MNC as an interpreter, translator or a coordinator is either good spoken Japanese or JLPT N3 level. For both the requirements, the study of Japanese language for minimum of 300 class hours is required. The interview and job getting skills are also a part of end curriculum in NIHONGOMAX.


There is no such strong eligibility criterion for a job in a Japanese MNC as an interpreter, translator or a coordinator. However, the spoken skills of Japanese or JLPT level required for the post are the only things asked mainly. Now a days if a candidate has a prior skillset or/and experience in the pertinent field, He/she definitely gets an upper edge while placement is finalized.


Though it varies from the company to company and from domain to domain too, the salary package offered is very handsome even to an entry level employee.


No qualification required.

No Age bar.

Whoever has interest in Japanese be it a school student, a salaried employee, a self employed person, a college goer, a working women or a housewife.