Jobs in Japanese language

Japan is the biggest investor in India. Most MNCs are Japanese. So, Numerous Japanese companies are planning to establish and organize their business in India in the next couple of years. Consequently, there is a rise in the requirement of people who are well-versed with the Japanese language. There are handsome salaries for the resources that are proficient in Japanese. What kind of jobs after Japanese? One can make his/her career in any of the following profiles:Translation -Conversion of Documents written in Japanese to English or vice-versa Interpretation – Conversion of spoken Japanese to English or vice-versa Voice co-ordination –Language support in Teleconferences or Meetings over the phone Outbound process- Language support in BPOs Teaching – Adding value by teaching Japanese in Schools, Corporate Offices or Institutes Travel and Tourism Also, Work in Japan and earn a good salary At what level I can start looking for jobs? Here comes pretty tough news. The demand is rising, so is the competition. Earlier people with basics only were placed easily and instantly. However, these days, at least an intermediate level is required. That comes after at least 100 classes of study given here in series and strictly as told in audios. Good news Did you read the last line? Yes! Only hundred classes by learning the smarter techniques will open your way for a job in Japanese MNCs. Not only will it help you in the Japanese language but also understanding Japanese business mindsets that help you cracking interviews and get placed over various profiles like-Translation, Interpretation, Voice co-ordination, Language support, Outbound process- Language support in BPOs How do I get placed? The minimum requirement to get a job in a Japanese MNC as an interpreter, translator or coordinator is either good spoken Japanese or JLPT N3 level. Whenever you feel confident, just let us know your simple details on our JOBS page. We will help you making your resume, training you and getting interview cracked FREE OF COST.